AEl IR 4400 Equine Laser Therapy Unit


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Fed up with your horse injured?

The Australian made AEL IR 4400 Equine laser therapy unit comes with a 904nm Cluster head that penetrates 5cm into muscle tissue providing rapid pain relief and healing.

The AEL IR 4400 is suitable for treating numerous pain conditions and injuries in horses. It is a portable, powerful, professional, programmable handheld laser therapy unit that is suitable for use by owners, trainers and Vets. Best of all it is a drug-free, painless form of treatment that requires no formal training! The 4400 is a safe, effective, user friendly product.

Horses treated with the AEL IR 4400 make rapid recoveries and go on to win races!

The AEL IR 4400 treats:
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Injured tendons, muscles & ligaments
  • Fetlocks
  • Pastern injuries
  • Wounds
  • Scars
  • many more!

To view the product, please visit


Tel. Tracey Mizzi 0413 936 976


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