Am I too big to ride ponies?


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I'm currently, looking for my first horse/pony and I want to buy a pony somewhere around 13.2hh - 16.3hh. I am 13 years old, 171cm and 46kg. Am I too big to get a smallish pony?

What would be the ideal size pony for me?
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you wouldnt be to heavy but would look very tall on a 13.2hh pony, im 175cm and make 16hh horses look small...

Kodas Karen

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I agree, you are not very heavy but long! A 14hh pony would be the smallest I would advise you to look at.

Good luck and happy horse shopping! Let us know how you go and what you decide to buy!


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Yay for you & what an exciting time! I got my first horse around 13 too.

If I could say one thing, it would be don't get a pony. You are quite young still and have a lot of growing to do and you'll soon be too heavy for a pony (and you are already quite tall.) I'm 175cm and my first horse was ~15.2hh, my friend is your height and her horse is 15hh.

I would be looking at something between 14.3 & 16hh because your first horse is a learning experience no matter how good you are at riding and it might be best not to give yourself too high a distance to fall! And personality/suitability ALWAYS should come before looks & height etc.

I made my 16hh horse look small & only now am looking at 16.2hh+ horses. Good luck :)


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I rode my 13.2 chunky Highland pony happily, competed on her as well, no one said anything. I am tall, and weigh about 70kgs.

I now ride my 13.3 chunky Highland pony, and she is an absolute pocket rocket. Competed on her too, again, no one has said anything. She carries me and my heavy partner quite happily :)



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You need a suitable saddle so that you can enjoy your riding.I recommend Horseware saddles for I have a good impression on it.


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Did you find a suitable horse? I was forever longing for and looking at ponies but alas, I am now too large (see user name). I sought them out as long as I could though - ponies just have spunk!