Ammo Saddle Cinch

Hey folks, I recently purchased an Ammo Pro saddle and I'm just wondering about the placement of it.
When on my stock horse, in what feels like the right place, the girth ends up being back from the normal position (at least the position I'm used to in my stock saddle) so for it to sit in the usual postion on my horse (in the girth-uh- groove?) it ends up being sort of angled from the saddle, as opposed to straight down (parallel to the leg) Is this right? I've looked st photos of western saddles and many of them seem to have the same sort of angle that mine does. Anyone else find this? It doesn't seem to be a problem for the saddle so far, that stays in place pretty well but I haven't ridden in it yet, just lead my horse around.
I'd also love to know how anyone with the western style cinch does it up, being used to english girths, this western style just doesn't seem right!


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I used to ride in an ammo saddle, but am primarily an english rider. I quite enjoyed the way the knot was tied and able to be tightened on that saddle.I tied it similar to a neck tie - I can remember the hand movements but can not convey it into words, do they have an example on their website? It did sit slightly differently to the English I was used to, but it was a comfy saddle suitable for the trail riding I was doing. It never slipped and the only time the horse bucked was when I got on the wrong side :p