Bridle trails Wattle Grove?


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Can any one help me out with suggestions on where to go for some bridle trails around wattle grove please. I want to break up my summer work with trail rides and dont want to keep heading to darling downs if i can help it!


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Mm it's more of Orange Grove/Wattle Grove I'm not sure, but it's off Valcan Road, google map it, at the end is a HUGE compact sand track used to be used by trotters or something. And you can go up one side to open up to millions of miles of open paddock. Loads of hills for hill work and loads of gravel tracks and little puddles and ponds here and there and loads of open terrain for galloping, or what I used to do is just walk. On occasion there was a man on a horse who only posed a problem when my friend galloped her pony, and sometimes there was a man with some dogs who only once got too close but they left us alone luckily my horse didn't care ';'

It was so peaceful (except around 6ish in Summer there are motorbike riders... though after my horse pinned his ears and had a small tantrum at them, and I went off at them, they were kind to me and turned the engines off for me.)

It's really nice and scenic, provided the motorbikers aren't there you can gallop the track and then go for a chilled cool down in the open top bit

Thats the only place I know, From Maddington way it's down Kelvin then left into Chrystal Brook road then I think your first left into Valcan and right down the end. Or from Welshpool Road East.

Good luck!


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Orange Grove Nic ;-) lol becomes Orange Grove halfway down the street and from Valcan onwards away from Tonkin.... at the very end of Valcan theres an old pacing track which you can ride in and up the top is an old tip which has been filled in and turned into a nice riding area.

Also if you go down Canter Court, at the very end inbetween 2 properties theres a long bit which looks like a driveway but if you ride down you will hit miles of hills and theres a bit if its still there with XC jumps and 2 "meadows" and plenty of tracks and hills :). (Can be accessed cutting across the trotting track, down through a bush bit onto Kelvin road and down a few hundred metres to Canter crt)

Theres also tracks if you ride to the end of Grant street opposite end to Maddington road which also ends up joining up to the tracks around Hillside Farm which is off the end of Gosnells Rd East - continue straight as if you follow it left the road becomes Reservoir Rd and you can park up the end and go in... its kinda like a firebreak on the outside of the property and free riding.

All except the trotting track/old tip have those raise copper logs things your horse steps over to get in.


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Hey Alfiemoon. My pony is agisted at Valcan Park in Wattle Grove. He will be back from the breakers next week and I am looking for people to go riding out with. PM me your number and we will catch up, cheers Nat :)


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Hey guys! Are these trails still available? Looking for places to ride out around this area...
Hi Lisa, I’m thinking about moving to this area. If you’re still in this area, would you like to meet up for a trail ride? It will take some time for my mare to get used to the area 🙂
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