bringing a horse back into work


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I have not been riding for a very long time (6 years) , and obviously neither has my beautiful boy. He was 3 when I got him and very green, I did ride him for 2/3 years after getting him and he was always usually pretty good, although has always been quiet stroppy, on the ground and while in saddle. On sunday I began day 1 with ground work in an attempt to start getting him back into work, I was going to attempt to lunge him, just at a walk, but his stoppyness began and he reared up and me, so I decided to walk it with him, I wanted him to know he couldn't get away with not doing what I asked and also thought it was probably better to get him used to being lead around and told what to do again anyway, so I took him around our lunge track several times on each side, after about 10 minutes he was behaving much better! I am just after some further tips and ideas on how to bring him back into work and get his behaviour up to standard?
much appreciated!