Chocolate palomino?


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Our stallion goes very very dark in Spring To Summer and then his coat will clear out by late summer. Most wouldn't even know he was a pally. If I fed him the right stuff I reckon he'd just about go black with a white mane/tail. However all his pally foals to date are all very clear coated. Go figure..... Our 2010 filly foals are both chocolate coloured buckies the same body colour as the cob one nannygoat posted but with the black mane/tail.


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Chocolate palomino....Well this isn't the colour i was aiming for but he is striking... Jasper will b reg ASH and should b at least 16hh + he's a really lovely boy.... he has been sold already but expecting another pally foal 2011 that will b full sibling


silver is a very rare colour in QHs n stock horses

What a spunky young man who I like very much such a nice put together boy. His colour is a bonus - lol


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its a mystery

would you believe i got my chocolate palomino from two paint horses! When he was born he was a light palomino and has darkened with age, and we think he is beautiful!:lol:


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One of the colts we looked at when we were stallion shopping was a chocolate palomino :)


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this is a QH filly i bred i could never get her this dark but her owners have got her to go this amazing colour ... she's a palomino :D



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