Foals for 2010/2011

Number of colts and fillies

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Stats are interesting, or not :p. Have toted up the 2009-2010 numbers and here are the stats for the last 3 years:

2009/2010 - 42 colts 53 fillies
2008/2009 - 58 colts 55 fillies
2007/2008 - 92 colts 107 fillies

Numbers seem to be going down. 2007/08 must have been a boom year.

So, calling all breeders please enter your babies, but you will need to wait until all your mares have had their babies. I dont think you can change your numbers after they have been polled.

All the best for lots of healthy foals :))



3 born in the same week with another couple due so won't add mine yet.

But i have 2 fillies & 1 colt so far.
Unlike last year, 6 foals for 6 fillies (didn't add 1 of them) LOL. ;)