friendly reminder

mod 6

please dont feel like im singling this group out its more so that its a specialist group with MASSIVE financial repurcussions whether from gossip, truth or inuendo or just innocent chatter.

this post is about re-affirming the guidelines so that this forum stays a safe place to be.

"What happens on the Track stays on the track, what happens on the site stays on the site. This is not work or a way of getting the inside news and gossip to report to your boss, trainer, co-owners, this is where we celebrate our passion for racing with a handful of people in this world will ever get to be part of. While people are friends here of course (enemies on the track LOL) but that does not spill over onto this site"

keep going with your quiz posts but when they hit a certain size I shall close one and open a new one for you so that they dont get too large, with the last winner to start the new set of questions in the next post

have fun people and keep up the great work
all the best
mod 6:)*



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is this why my post on Haylist was edited without mention..?

and now the entire thread has been removed.. without a mention?

Sugar's Mum

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I was trying to figure out why it was removed as well Sunline. Strange. But the news article online seems to be gone as well?



Strange that the whole thread on Hay List would be deleted. A post maybe, but the whole thread ';'
The story wasn't just Stockyard gossip *#)