How long does it take for a horse to eat a 4x4 Oaten round bale?


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I am moving my horse to my own propert (from an agistment place) and wondering how much hay he will eat. I have a 450kg 14hh cob on the paddock by himself from 7 am-4 pm every day. Any advice would be much appreciated ☺️


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Hi there,

Congratulations on moving your horse to your own property! The time it takes for a horse to eat a 4x4 Oaten round bale can vary, but here’s a general guideline based on your horse’s size and schedule:

For a 450kg, 14hh cob, typically, horses consume around 1.5-2% of their body weight in forage daily. For your cob, this means approximately 6.75-9kg (15-20 pounds) of hay per day.

Assuming an average 4x4 round bale weighs about 300-400kg (660-880 pounds):

  1. Single Horse Consumption: Your cob will likely take about 40-60 days to finish a single round bale if it’s his primary forage source.
Keep in mind:

  • Quality of Hay: Ensure the hay is of good quality to meet nutritional needs.
  • Storage: Store the hay properly to avoid spoilage.
  • Monitor Intake: Monitor his weight and adjust feeding as necessary.
It’s always good to have a vet or equine nutritionist review your feeding plan. Best of luck with your new setup!