My Pony has been Acting Strange


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I have a Welsh mountain pony and yesterday I was taking him for a walk and he was acting kind of weird, and then I tried to walk him down a kind of steep hill and he started rearing and trying to bite me... Ive had him for over 6 years, I got him when i was in grade 3 (I was 8 years old) and he was pretty impossible back then :| but we got over that ages ago :)
Im just wondering if there could be something wrong which would cause him to behave like this which isn't just behavioural (being naughty)?
If you have any experience with this kind of thing id love to hear from you before i start trying to train him out of it in case he is trying to tell me something :)
GG :)


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Hi GG and welcome to the forums :),

There is no excuse for this sort of behaviour!

He needs to be taught some ground manners and there is plenty of information available across the internet on how you should go about this.

good luck! (y)

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