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Hi Guys,

Looking at getting personal accident insurance. Have some one from Combined insurance seing me saturday which cover me in any accident or any injury. They are expensive, more than I thought it would be. Its about $2000 per year.

I really dont think I need personal insurance for everything?

If some one crashes into me and causes injury to myself, Ill sue to pants of them through insurance companys. They pay all the medical costs etc.

I dont really need a large income because im rather lucky no morgage or rent and a OH with a high income.

Its just incase. I have come off a horse ten years ago and broke my back. That was a 6 month recovery and a wheel chair and lots of rehab.

I do compete with local pony clubs, but they dont cover me as a rider with their day insurance, just if my horse or I cause injury to others or property.

I want insurance no matter where I ride, that be at home, on trail, at lessons, at comps etc.

The insurance should cover injury and loss of income and a pay out to cover funeral costs if serious injury causes death.

Also, Wouldnt mind having my riding gear insured, but its not kept at home, its at the property where my horse is in a locked shed. Also worried about things getting stolen at comps so would be nice peace of mind im insured for that as well.

Can anyone recomend anywhere that provides rider insurance? I have looked at Show horse council of australia which a few have recomended on here through previous posts from last year, but are there any others?


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EWA membership includes 24/7 accident insurance ;)

I heard with EWA though its 12 monthly, but if you join 1/2 way through the year, you still have to pay the whole year???

And does this cover me if I am not riding at an EWA event, its a PC event?


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Yes- you can join 1/2 way thru- and its not full price as far as I am aware ;)

It covers you for any horse related accident....Not sure if PC applies*#)


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Don't do combined insurance. For gear etc, we go through an insurance broker.

cisco kristy

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Im with combined and there great, i broke my collar bone, I had 4 weeks of work and got $1500 for the month, plus $600 a week,:)*