Petplan policy renewal- new exclusions


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Hi all!
So the pony has always been insured with Petplan ever since we got her in 2010. Had the vet check and all came up clear so no exclusions from the insurance. Recently in this years renewal they asked for all vet records (we didnt claim anything as we have $800 excess) and the records included laminitis and sand colic treated with drench (nothing out of the norm).
Was very shocked to get my insurance back and she can no longer be insured for laminitis/founder for life, not insured for any colic for 12months may be reviewed if no colic this year, no longer insured for hoof abscess for 13 months may be reviewed if no symptoms or abscess.
We were very shocked and didn't think it made much sense as she was insured the whole time when she had these?! Isn't that the whole point of insurance!!
So this is a warning for all and read the fine print in future!! We pay a pretty penny too in insurance so not at all impressed!
Has anyone else had similar? And can anyone reccomended what company to go with for insurance as we may be leaving Petplan!!
Thanks all :)



Cuddly Pony, do you know if this would be the case if you had claimed on the Petplan when those issues came up, inspite of the excess? Could they change the policy on you for existing conditions that have been claimed for?

Does this mean that you should always claim no matter what? Or do the insurance companies place clauses in their policies so they can just change the goal posts whenever they like?';'


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Hi Katelol, we couldn't claim on any of the bills because none of them amounted to $800 in each individual bill. All together it would have been over $800 but because they are all separate bills you couldn't claim.
I am pretty sure that considering they count out conditions that you haven't even claimed for that they would count out conditions that have been claimed!
We had absolutely no knowledge of this at all and did not disclose this when we renewed.
I am going to ring them and ask if this is definitely the case, if it is the insurance was a major rip off!!


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Save your money

Would it be viable to put the money you spend on this "questionable" insurance in to a separate bank account and access it if you should ever need it.. ';'


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i just ran into trouble with that - i had my three dogs insured with the rspca, and two months ago they told me they were raising my premiums by $15 per dog, per month. I stopped the insurance, only to have one of my dogs need rays and possible operation (which he didn't, thank god), but even if I'd started paying for insurance again, this incident wouldn't be covered nor would it ever be covered again. #(


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Pet insurance is done on a year by year basis as apposed to human insurance :( From what I have heard Petplan is actually the least likely to stop covering something if the animal suffered from it dufing the coverage period however they seem hit and miss. I know some people who have been paid out 1000s more than they have paid in insurance and their animal is still covered for that condition. Yet others are like you and get listed as "pre-existing" even though they happened during the cover period but weren't claimed on!


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As Mirawee said, they get away with it because each year is a 12 month policy with the horses. As such, each year that you 'renew', its effectively like taking out a new policy, which is why, legally they can place exclusions on those conditions.

I have also been bitten by this one, and keep meaning to cancel, but am scared that the moment I do, I will get a surgical colic. Superstition!


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Cuddly Pony for what I have read - Petplan and you could not have claimed $800 vet fees you must be on high premium $1000 claim which is not that much each month. I have one on that about $34 a month $1000 excess up to $10k will not cover anything which is related to him as a windsucker - Totally understand that. The other I pay lower excess $200 a month open covers everthing as per the policy $89 a month. It does state if you have a claim or prior illness injury it may not be covered and re newed each year

Pretty simple if you do your research you just need to do it and not expect all will be covered.

I have had 2 loss of use claims paid out and a couple vet covers paid from Petplan, the last couple of years I have been very impressed with them and prior its been a task but in the end a happy customer


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I don't know why people still use petplan, I have heard nothing but negative testimonials about them.

For the dog/s I use RSPCA pet insurance. Not sure if they do horses as I don't have my horse insured.


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A friend of mine has both her dogs insured, not sure if its petplan though. One was bitten by a snake and died but she had a $4,000 vet bill for the 4 hours the vets tried to save the dog. The other got a grass seed which travelled up the leg and into her hip joint requiring surgery.
The insurance paid out for the snake bite (albeit to the wrong account- not hers- and then took weeks for the money to actually get to her) they refused to pay out on the grass seed as they claimed this was an Illness and not an Accident! I believe she is till fighting this one!

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Another to watch out for is to check the small print of other policy's as most are owned by the same company and use different trading as names. #(

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Have used Logans for yrs now made a few claims always been lovely to deal with and good prices on premiums wouldnt use anyone else now after how good they have been when we lost a couple of horses!