Rug recommendations?!


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I'm looking at getting a new winter: my horsemaster canvas ripstop rug has shredded, and is crazily rubbing his either, shoulders and before I took the combo off it destroyed his mane!!:mad:
I'm torn between the Axiom Ballistic rugs on e--- and the horse wear Ireland or Rambo rugs! I'm looking for something under $150 ideally but I can save up! Any recommendations ??
THANKS in advance!!

Braids Dale

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I like the riviera rugs (red and blue combo) I have found on my two, they need the shoulder gusset far forward, at point of shoulder, or the rugs rub crazy, these rugs have this feature and it hasnt rubbed out either's mane :). I have taken to cutting a slit at point of shoulder on their cotton rugs to allow for more movement to stop rubbing.


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I've got axiom on all our horses and they are pretty good. Although 2 of them have rub marks, but it doesn't matter what I put on them it will rub.