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1. widgelli



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Back Again

Hello all.
I am back again to help you with your riding if you would like me to.
If you are having problems with your seat and legs, or how your horse is working, then, maybe I can help you.
Send me a personal message about any of your problems, and I will get back to you on here, or on a personal basis.


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Toes In

I have been looking at the photos of some of you riding and yes, there has been improvement in your work, BUT, some of you are riding with your toes out and in one, the stirrups are way to short.
The reason that I picked this subject is something I see time and again and the effect that this has on your horse and your balance is unbelievable.
To drive you horse forward properly, you need to use your seat and your legs and when jumping, the drive here is very much needed to keep your horse moving forward and in a straight line. This will also help to stop them running out.
When you ride with your toes out, I know you feel more comfortable, till you become accustomed to riding with your toes in and your heels down, and you feel that you are driving your horse on with your heels, which you are, but you are not holding him straight.
If you toes are turned out, you are losing contact right down the side of your saddle, as your knees and calves are also turned out.
The right lenght for your stirrups are, when you are sitting in you saddle, with your feet out of the stirrups, they should hit you on the top of your foot.
When you are jumping, you take your stirrups up 2 holes, but still ride with your toes forward and your heels down.
I hope that this little article will help you improve the way that your horse is working and also with your jumping.
If you have any queries about any of this, please let me know.