Stockies tshirts and caps


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Got mine today and promptly put it on! They are Awesome!!
They keep you cool yet warm (i was doing a bit of jumping and it was really windy but i felt wonderful!) and most importantly they bring you luck! We managed to clear 65cm this afternoon no troubles! (it wasn't pretty, but we made it over!) :D


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Just ordered mine today...with my user name on it...

Going to wear it to the Endurance rides next season see if anyone says


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Hmmm... daughter-child and son-child have asked what I would like for Xmas... I might send them the link to this Thread! *#)

A cap and a shirt would be fabulous children-of-mine! :D

(Recon they will get the hint?? rofl ;)
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How friggin slow am i *#)*#)
Got my for a Christmas Present of my mate ellechim69 **)
Love the colour & yeh sooo nice on **)**)

Colonels Gold

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Stockyard Dressage Saddlecloth $50

Last minute Christmas gift!

Stockyard Dressage Saddlecloth
Removable Stockyard Saddlecloth Badges (can be used on any saddlecloth)
Velcro tape sewn onto cloth allows user to exchange badge for dressage number

Size Full
Small quilted diamonds

See photo in Classified section of Stockyard

Only available at:
Susannah Stud Rug Repairs & Embroidery
Susannah Quarter Horse Stud

Payment methods are:
PayPal is to
Surcharge of $1.50 to use PayPal payment, as PayPal fee’s are very high for merchants.
Money Order
Direct deposit/internet banking
email for Westpac Bank details

Postage $10

Ph 0418975577
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how long are the shirts? I'm a bit bottom heavy and like my shirts a bit longer to hide the lumps and bumps when I wear joddies :eek:


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I have 2 styles avaliable the slim fit which is a more fitted shirts and the relaxed fit which is good for hiding lumps and bumps LOL

Both are $35 each

My email address is avaliable on my website -


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Thanks Web for our shirts.They are so cool.:)*


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spewin, been tryin to get the money together to get 1 but i now have little Ash to look after. (the joey from the toodyay fires) so i guess it will be awhile before i get one now....:(:(:(:(:(