Where Are We At???


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Because there doesnt seem to be a post re: EI recently, can someone please tell me where we are at in regards. Are ALL states deemed to be clear?? Or are some still under zones. I thought i had read that Australia has now totally eradicated EI?
Just also wanting to know , every time we leave the property with horse in float , are we still required to disinfect and sign bio security forms for shows. My PC makes us still do this for each rally, so is this still necessary. It just adds so much more prep time in getting everything ready to go to shows/PC/lessons etc.


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here in Qld, there is no bio security measures at all, we have gone back to just having our waybill, if we want to float a horse anywhere (which is what it was like before EI) yep, if you had to pick up a horse in a float, just down the road, or go to a lesson or show, you HAVE to fill out a waybill.
other than that, nothing over here, just back to normal.
dont know if that helps at all ???


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Thanks Smash. Here in WA , we dont need waybills for our horses, we come and go as we please . :D But i know for other livestock like sheep and cattle we need to have one. I wonder then who in W.A makes the final decision about our biosecurity??:confused:

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Information received about the EI Levy that Miniequine has asked us to post.
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Hi everyone,

I dare say a lot of you have already heard that the Government is going to cover the cost of the recent outbreak. However, just wanted to let you know that I had a phone call from the Minister's advisor this morning informing me of the Government's decision. I informed him that I was very pleased that they had made the decision to cover the cost of EI and appreciated his early notification of this. He said that he was contacting me as they had taken on board the issues that we have raised but he was unable to contact every single horse owner. So I am passing this information on on his behalf.

The legislation will be reintroduced into Parliament sometime this year with a clause that says that the levy will be set at Zero until there is another disease outbreak and that a levy cannot be introduced at this time until the equine 'industry' has been consulted widely.

Where to from here - we still need to have discussion with AHIC re how that levy will look for the equine 'community' and we need to have discussion about how the equine 'community' is represented at peak level. It is my personal belief that it is difficult (ni on impossible) to marry the agendas of professional 'industries' (some with their own Ministers representing them at State and Federal levels already) with sporting and recreational needs.

As such, I will continue to lobby both the Government and the AHIC to ensure there is a more equitable cost sharing arrangement but it is essential that people no longer take a back seat and continue their more active stance on the administration of their sport/recreation. This is what EI has shown us - what could have happened if we hadn't been active. We need to read everything that comes along in the future and hopefully AHIC has learnt that an ad in a paper is not consultation and that they need to use their communication channels far more effectively into the future.

Well done everyone and keep it up.

Cheers Kelly