Your riding vices


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I have noticed browsing through forums and sale pages, the horses who are trained by particular people presenting with the same movement or niggly issues over and over again. The handlers seemingly unaware of each horse going down the same road as the last. Some turn over horses as a job, others just appear perplexed as to why yet another horse has not worked out for them, some are able to on sell to a compatible home, others are put to sleep (occasionally to do with unresolved lameness from incorrect training). Many of these horses are obviously the compliant quiet type, doing as they are asked, even at their physical detriment.

Are you aware of your own vices? What do you need to work on as a rider/handler?

For me, it is rushing transitions. Purely a rider fault and I am thankful for the horses that TELL me to get my act together. I appreciate the horses that let me know when I have mucked up. Its far worse when I have been out of work myself and lost muscle mass. Shows me that I require the consistent work as much as they do!